44 North



A new restaurant downtown is a great thing. The restaurant will feature comfort food from around the world, paying homage to Rochester’s diverse community. A local Chef will open his first restaurant. The restaurant will source food from local farmers. Prices will be competitive with other restaurants in the area. The element of food and beverage will make the space more social and increase foot traffic to the other floors. The restaurant will encourage a diverse group of people to explore the space before and after their meals.

The Chef describes 44 North as:

-- Chef driven comfort food from around the world. 44 North will be an inviting, energetic space that guests can be transported to destinations that span the globe. Whether you are in the mood for Miso Pork Ramen from Tokyo or Buttermilk Fried Chicken with Coriander Black Pepper Gravy from Tennessee, this restaurant is the place.

We focus on FRESH ingredients made with TECHNIQUE. Our current market is saturated with ready to eat foods that are simply frozen or thrown in the oven and served.  We will utilize a modern approach that has been honed from traveling the country and working in fine dining establishments. Bringing  together fine dining technique with approachable food is a marriage that is an unstoppable force in the hospitality industry.

Our menu will be seasonal. With four seasonal changes that occur on the solstices and equinoxes we ensure that our target market is never bored with our evolving menu and instead yearn to try the new creations. Additionally, we will supplement our menu with a weekly specials chalkboard to focus on the seasonal food that only lasts a short time. Examples of these specials would be Copper River Salmon, Soft Shell Crab, Spring Lamb, Ramps, and Razor Clams.

Our price point is approachable for our guests. We want return business, and not to be branded as a special occasion restaurant. Lunch will be fast, fresh, and affordable at under $15, and dinner will not exceed $30 for an entrée.  A great product mix coupled with a reasonable price point is what Rochester needs. --