Threshold Arts

  Denver's Union Station: an inspiration for our indoor park


Castle Community (CC) will execute a master lease for a large portion of the second floor to a nonprofit Threshold Arts, that will then lease the Creative Studios and oversee the programming of the CC Studio and Turret Gallery. Castle Community will attract artists, creative professionals, entrepreneurs, and the unknown. Threshold Arts will offer memberships to creative individuals and small organizations which include options for a studio space on the second floor, priority access to larger shared studio space, classroom, and gallery spaces, shared artistic and professional resources, and other membership perks.

Creative Studios

Five studio spaces will line the North side of the second floor. CC will offer these private studios for rent, available exclusively to Threshold Arts members. The spaces will be constructed with glass walls and doors to allow maximum natural light to pass through into the main space. The use of glass will also allow for the public to see into the studios and interact with working artists while in the Castle Community Commons. 

TURRET Gallery

Threshold Arts will work together to program the art gallery (approximately 600 square feet) on the Northeast side of the third floor. The gallery space will have multiple uses. It will be up to the Threshold members and staff to determine the use of the space, including but not limited to gallery exhibitions (Threshold member art, local art, traveling exhibits, etc…), lectures, classes, and workshops. The gallery will also be available for use as a unique venue for intimate meetings, private dining, and small events. 

Community meeting space

The community meeting space will occupy the space on the Southeast corner of the third floor. This space will be available for community members to use free of charge, based on availability. Threshold members and the Bookstore will have priority in booking this space for collaborative work, classes, workshops, artist lectures, author events, etc…

Threshold Arts community Resources

The Threshold Arts community resources encompass a variety of benefits to its members. Threshold staff will provide ongoing professional development for members, including portfolio development, marketing support, grant-writing assistance, curatorial guidance, publishing services. The CC Studio will serve as a space for artists to work collaboratively or explore new methods of art making in a variety of classes and workshops. The Southwest corner of the second floor houses a darkroom for traditional photography methods and will be available for use exclusively to Threshold members. As Threshold membership grows, the members themselves will become resources for one another, offering new perspectives, opportunity for dialogue and critical reviews, creating a thriving arts community, working together to support one another.

the Art Store

The Art Store will offer an opportunity for Threshold members to sell their work (on consignment) in a retail space. Additional items for sale would include locally-made goods, artist-made merchandise and gift items, a limited selection of art materials, and a space for local makers to present a pop-up retail showcase. The Art Store will also feature an “art bar” where patrons can create an original work of art with supplied materials and instruction from staff.

An unlimited inventory of art materials will be available for purchase via special order, with a significant discount offered to Threshold members and students.