Collective is a community-driven bookstore and record shop at Castle Community, offering a wide variety of used books in all genres from science and medicine, politics, psychology, and world religions, to fiction and children’s books for all ages and vinyl records of all kinds. The community will add to this ever-expanding inventory by exchanging used books and records in good condition for store credit. Collective will play a key role in programming the second floor commons, hosting book clubs, readings and events with local authors, creative writing workshops, and a variety of programs for youth of all ages.



We collect books and records to share with the community.  We are a special benefit corporation. 100% of our profits support local art and artists.

What we are

We sell used, eclectic, eccentric, popular, ancient, groovy, square, happy, sad, bold, and beautiful treats for the mind and soul.  

Books: We sell the majority of our books between $6 (paperbacks) and $9 (hardcovers).  We have thousands of bargains and a few grossly overpriced books.

Records:  Fair prices and years of experience (Kevin Adams of Broadway Records fame).

What we are noT 

Barnes and Noble or Amazon.  We are not book or record buyers or dealers.

Donations and Credit

We are collecting books and records to sell.  We encourage you to donate books and records that are gathering dust or that are so good you need to share. Donations are received through Threshold Arts (a 501(c)3 nonprofit arts organization). It you prefer store credit, we offer $1 per book or record that we think we can sell.

Who we are

Scott Hoss – JM class of ‘91, literate since 1978ish, determined to have a bookstore in the Castle

Ross Henderson – JM class of ‘00, record collector, record setter, jovial soul

Kevin Adams – Owner of Rochester’s famed Broadway Records, music anc vinyl savant

Volunteers, too numerous to mention – special thanks to Kristen, Ted, Eric, Nicole, Jimmy and Sandra, Rick, and Phil.


Hours: Roughly, 10 am – 8 pm Monday – Saturday and 10 am – 5 pm Sunday. Hours subject to change as we and the public get used to our space and role in the Castle Community.

Address: 121 Broadway Ave North, Suite 250

Phone: 507-226-1021

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