Collective is a community-driven bookstore and record shop at Castle Community, offering a wide variety of used books in all genres from science and medicine, politics, psychology, and world religions, to fiction and children’s books for all ages and vinyl records of all kinds. The community will add to this ever-expanding inventory by exchanging used books and records in good condition for store credit. Collective will play a key role in programming the second floor commons, hosting book clubs, readings and events with local authors, creative writing workshops, and a variety of programs for youth of all ages.

Originally, Fair Trade Books of Red Wing had secured the space for a used bookstore and record shop.  Fair Trade has decided to focus its efforts in Red Wing and support this project from afar. This gave the Castle Community team an opportunity to reevaluate the use of the second floor space and, based on conversations with community members, we decided to take it upon ourselves to open a community bookstore, expand the public commons, add Queen City Coffee & Juice, and additional artist workspace.