Contribute Art

We are in the process of accepting local art pieces of various mediums including, but not limited to, painting, drawing, sculpture, photography and textile. Works may not be more than 36" in any direction (this includes framed dimensions), or weigh more than 20 lbs. In order to submit a piece for inclusion, complete the submission form here.

Frequently Asked Questions fOR Artists

How do I submit a piece for inclusion in the CRATE Collection?
It’s simple! In order to submit a piece for inclusion, complete the submission form here.

I see that I can lend or donate pieces to the CRATE, what’s the difference?

  • The collection is comprised of pieces on loan to us, as well as donated by the artists.  

  • Lending art to the library:  We require that pieces be lend to the library for a minimum of three rotations (approximately 9 months) to help you generate exposure.  You can request its return following three rotations in the collection (see below).

  • Donating art to the library:  We also accept donations that will remain in the library long-term that you don’t expect to have returned.  Pieces that are donated to the CRATE are no longer the property of the artist.

If I am lending a piece to the collection, how do I get my work back?
After the minimum of three rotations in the collection, you can email us at to set up a time to pick-up your work or arrange for return shipping. If your work is currently checked out, you will have to wait until the end of the specified lending period to receive your work.

Can I sell art that is placed in the library?
Yes!  If you choose, borrowers can learn more about purchasing your artwork placed in the CRATE.  Purchases are subject to commission with Threshold Arts (see below).

How am I paid for pieces that sell from the CRATE?
Threshold Arts receives a 40% commission from sales to non-threshold members and 30% commission from Threshold members.  Learn more about threshold membership here.

Who will be borrowing my art?
The CRATE is open to community members in the Greater Rochester Area.

What happens if my artwork gets damaged or stolen?
In the case of theft or damage, we will seek to gain financial compensation on your behalf. Our collection is covered by insurance and we keep thorough records of all borrowers.

Why should I trust this?
Participation in the CRATE is built on trust, and it is our desire to work toward to creation of a trust-based process. Our art lending library is modeled after similar trust-based projects in Minneapolis, Iowa City, Pittsburgh, BerlinFrance, and other locations throughout the world. This is a time-tested model that we have found has been honored by participants.

Why should I participate?
As an artist, you can sell your artwork to borrowers (see above). There are also non-monetary benefits for participation. The CRATE offers exposure to artists, especially emerging artists who may not have an exhibition history. By participating, you will receive free marketing and exposure to the community. Your pieces and information about you and your other works will be available for borrowers and the community at large to view.