Our partners are passionate about this community. Here's a bit more about who we are and why we're involved. Will you join us?

Ross Henderson

Ross Henderson was raised in Rochester.  He graduated from Rochester John Marshall High School, Class of 2000.  He is a real estate professional by trade. Ross is commercial property manager for the properties he owns around Rochester. Ross was a founding member of C4 (Concerned Citizens for a Creative Community) Arts Group and continues to support the arts community in Rochester. Ross is the owner of Henderson Investments, which owns Centerville Apartments, which is located directly South of the Armory.


Scott Hoss

Scott Hoss a real estate professional by trade. He graduated from Rochester John Marshall High School, Class of 1991. Commercial real estate sales, leasing, and property management are his main areas of expertise. Scott practiced as an attorney at Dunlap & Seeger PA for seven years before pursuing a career in Commercial Real Estate. Scott is a commercial property manager and shareholder in Paramark Real Estate Services, a property management company.

Scott is an avid traveler.  In his travels, Scott has identified a variety of community spaces that attract community, tourists, and artisans to activate it. Some of the inspiration for the Castle Community comes from his travels to Union Station in Denver, Colorado, SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) in Savannah, Georgia, Northeast Minneapolis (i.e. Northrup King Building), and a variety of spaces in the Pacific Northwest.


Naura Anderson

Naura Anderson is a creative professional with more than a decade of experience in the local arts community. She grew up in Southeast Minnesota, studied Studio Art at St. Olaf College, and from 2006-2015 worked for Rochester Art Center. During her time at RAC, Anderson served in a variety of program and administrative roles including: museum store management, arts education, public programming, special events, community engagement, publications, and curatorial work. She currently runs an arts consulting business, providing marketing support, graphic and web design services, and arts programming for local nonprofit organizations, artists, entrepreneurs, and community groups.


Rick DeVoe

Rick DeVoe is the owner of Fair Trade Books in Red Wing, MN which opened in 2014. Much more than a book store, Fair Trade is rapidly becoming the place to go in Red Wing for community. Between the Open Mic Nights, Meet the Author events, and his continuous promotion of other area businesses, Rick has already made an impact!


Leyzer Topel

Leyzer Topel is a Venezuelan citizen. His father first brought his family to Rochester in the early 1980s while his sister was being treated by Dr. Peter James Dyck at the Mayo Clinic. Ever since then, Rochester has been an integral part of his life. Leyzer has owned and developed properties in Rochester such as Zick Apartments; The Lofts on 1st  Street SW between 6th and 7th Avenues; Clinic Suites on 3rd Avenue SE; and the 105 North Broadway building which he remodeled as an assisted living facility and is now leased to Prime Time Living. He has recently purchased a home in the Fox Hill neighborhood with his wife and four children. Leyzer plans to spend more time in Rochester as the turmoil in Venezuela continues. Leyzer is a grand supporter of the arts. He is also an art collector and presides over a private art museum owned by his family which holds a collection of Latin American, opt art, and drawings. The museum holds, every two years, one of the most prestigious art exhibits in Venezuela, the Arturo Michelena art prize.  

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