Threshold Arts is thrilled to announce its inaugural Artists in Residence! These artists will hold a 3-6 month residency in the Creative Studios and share their work with the community. We invite you to learn more about their work, and support these talented artists. Stay tuned for announcements about upcoming community programs, classes, and events hosted by our artists in residence.


SOPHIA CHAI is a Korean-American artist living in Rochester, MN. The process of making her abstract photographs is rather straightforward.  Chai photographs with her 4x5 view camera in her studio space, where she directly paints onto the walls and the floor for different compositions.  


HEATHER ROBERTS is a painter and mixed-media artist who uses color and texture to convey the peaceful way that sensory experiences in nature make her feel, in the hopes that it will encourage others to seek or reconnect with their own outdoor adventures and moments.


BETH SIEVERS is an encaustic artist from Rochester, MN who has been working in this medium for the past ten years. She creates art with hot beeswax, reclaimed wood, and various other objects and loves to create highly textured pieces.

GALLERY 24 is an artist collaborative in Rochester, MN. G24 members will show, create, and sell work at the Castle in a unique partnership with Threshold Arts. Members: Cassandra Buck, Ryan Cook, Nicole Daniels, Melisa Ferris, Julie Johns, Lori Miller, Layne Noser, Yeimy Reintanz, Beth Sievers, Dawn Sanborn, Rick Swanson, Philip Taylor, Gene Wolf.